ACE MelbourneLiberty created an Agile Center of Excellence (ACE) in their Melbourne, Florida office location. The ACE will be comprised of new and existing engineering talent, with a focus on agile software and application development and best practices, providing rapid improvement, high quality, and cost efficiency for customers.

The Center of Excellence will collect and streamline processes, technologies, tools and artifacts from various projects throughout the company and co-locate engineering resources from across the company’s programs to create a continuously self-learning and improving organization. The ACE model creates career opportunities for new and existing Liberty employees providing a platform to gain experience using the innovative tools, technologies and processes established. Liberty customers will benefit by faster application and software development, enhanced return on investment, and higher quality.

To continue to satisfy and exceed client needs and be an employer of choice, it is vital that we recycle experience, stay up-to-date with current technology trends, and constantly refine the skills of our team. Our dedicated team and ACE model helps us achieve all of the above goals.

Liberty is currently hiring qualified software, systems, and test engineers, as well as functional analysts, to support expansion of this ACE center and our mission-critical programs at the Departments of Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, and Defense Health Agency. Please visit our website to learn more about our company and new opportunities.